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Yiannis George Bellis


Some would say that artists’ creativity stems from genetics and others might believe that it’s the environment in which one is raised that makes an artist. The rest may believe it’s the inspiration of the art one surrounds themselves with that help turn a canvas into art. 
For artist Yiannis George Bellis, who was raised by a single mother and rooted in his strong Greek culture, life’s everyday chores are a masterpiece in themselves. Yiannis George Bellis’ inspirations for his art derive from his innovative dreams, the depth of nature and through his everyday tasks.
For the paintings that don’t go as planned, Yiannis welcomes mistakes as acts of the conscious. There are no accidents. 
Passion is sleepless, keeps you up at night, makes you forget you’re hungry, makes you happy when you wake up in the morning and gets stuck in your head like the beat of a brilliant hip hop lyric. For Yiannis, art is the one thing in this unpredictable world that keeps him in sync and rhythmic. Yiannis methods include: fire, film, water and ping pong balls, there is always a plan to his art. In fact, Yiannis has over 1400 paintings planned out, some on napkins; others scratched in Moleskine notebooks, the task folder in his phone, and most kept safe in the forefront of his head.