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  Las Vegas based Producer / song writer/ DJ Anthony Charles Wynkoop aka Scartoon aka half of Laissez Faire and Co-founder of Artist Mafia Records is a creative figure in the Las Vegas music scene. Scartoon is responsible for blurring the typically bold lines between the underground music scene and the mainstream club vibe. As a former employee of clubs in Las Vegas he realized there was emotional texture and tastefulness missing from many of the performances he observed every night at work. Realizing that the artists who had the best performances were the same artists that played new music in which they truly believed in, regardless of genre. Artist like Diplo, Flume, Skrillex, and Disclosure create these experiences at their performances that acts as the foundation for Scartoon’s influences in both his production and performance. There really isn’t a category to bind him to because his content is consistently evolving as he draws influence from being apart of multiple creative projects in the realms of R&B, hip hop, house, electronica, pop and reggae. The range of his performance experience reaches from World Class clubs in Vegas, to hectic college parties across the western United States, down to trippy boiler room-esque environments and back. Scartoon is predicated on the discovery of emotion through music.