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Meet Sarah Coey

Artwork makes you feel certain ways. Sometimes the feeling takes longer to show than others. When you look at Sarah's work, you're instantly overcome with joy and happiness, and I think we all need a little bit of that right now. Thankfully she gave us the opportunity to get to know Sarah Coey from the Rainbow HQ!

What made you want to become an artist?

I have always wanted to be an artist! You know how kids grow up wanting to be a pop star, or a cowboy? Well I wanted to be an artist! It was the only thing I wanted to do! The idea of drawing and painting for a living seemed so cool - I'm so pleased I followed my heart.

Every artist has their own unique style of working to bring out their creativity. How do you work?

I work very intuitively and with lots of energy. When I create, I think its important to really capture energy and movement in my work, so a lot of the time I will be dancing along with my CDs, having fun and just ENJOYING the process. I think its important to lose myself while I work so that time is not important. When I get to that state of creativity that’s when the magic happens.

What’s your background?

I am a Fine Art graduate from Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design in Dundee. I graduated in 2012 at the height of the recession and then took on lots of different jobs while still working on my art in my spare time. I worked in a dentists office, in a pharmacy and for a private school as a Learning Support Teacher. I worked hard so that my weekends and holidays were spent pursuing my art and now here I am! 

What role does art play in your life?

Art is very important; I think creativity in general is important in any lifestyle and comes in many forms. It can be experimenting with new foods, gardening, playing and building with my little boy. Art as a career is very important to me and has been a wonderful form of self expression as I made the transition to motherhood as well. 

What was your favorite piece to do and why?

My favourite piece… Ah that is such a tricky question! I think it might be Buachaille Etive More; an abstract in dark blues and greens!  I received a commission with a very limited palette of colors and that was really outside my comfort zone. However, it really pushed me creatively and is one of my favourites because of that! Oh and I love Mermaid Souls, Enchanted Seas!

"Mermaid Souls, Enchanted Seas"

What project are you currently working on now?

I am currently working on a few different commissions. I only open my commission books at a certain point of the year. So that’s keeping me occupied right now. I am also developing a line of products and giftware which im really excited about! 

What was the first piece of work you sold?

I actually can’t remember the first piece I sold! I sold work on and off throughout my career before I took the leap to becoming a full time artist which has always been a lovely feeling.

Who is your favorite living artist or who inspires you today?

I really like Heather Day - I think she has a wonderful way of mark making which is intuitive and playful and her limited color schemes are soothing.

Your artwork is on the rise, what plans do you have next?

I would love to paint a large scale mural of my work in a big city! How amazing would that be?! My main plan right now is development of my business. It is only a few years old and I'm adding new products, prints and fun additions to my shop this summer which I think my customers will be really excited about! 

Do you have advice for up and coming artists?

PERSEVERE!!!! Seriously. Perseverance is key. Becoming an artist is not an overnight success story and everyone I know who is in this industry works their butt off to get where they are. Take every "No" as a learning opportunity, ask for the collaborations you are interested in, develop your own unique sense of style and voice so that when your clients see your work and your captions both on websites and on social media they immediately know its you! Persevere and you will get there. 

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