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Top 3 reasons picture framing is so expensive

Updated: May 5, 2020

Are picture frames really too expensive? Is it the reality that picture framing can cost you a bomb or is it nothing but the misconception? Well! picture framing is not that expensive as it is perceived to be. There are many expensive things but there is not so much fuss around for that product or service. It is nothing but the mindset of the customers which matters a lot while interpreting the price of the frame. There are several reasons which contributes towards the cost of the picture frame. These factors add up to surge the price of the picture frame. Some of the most important reasons why the picture frames are so costly are listed below. The Inventory Problem

The inventory requirement is something which makes the picture frames expensive. The storefront frame shop has to offer various designs and moulding styles with different mat board colors. Since the stores lack space for keeping so much of inventory, it has to be kept at some outside vendor's place. This vendor is usually the wholesaler who acts as the middleman between the manufacturer of raw materials and the small shop owners. Since he has to earn a profit, he will increase the charges if the cost goes up from the manufacturer's side. The increase in the cost is pass on to the customers who face the final music by paying more. If the wholesaler(middleman) will be eliminated from the process, the rise in the price can be controlled. The Distribution Problem

The distribution system in the picture framing industry itself seems faulty due to the wrong perception that is prevalent. The shop owners are against the idea of wholesalers directly interacting with the customers. They insist that the customers should come to them and the wholesalers should be contacted by them. This attitude is proving fatal to all the parties involved i.e. manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers. Each party tries to increase the cut in the profit which ultimately increases the burden of the customers. The manufacturers keep the price higher at the top and that price is magnified down the line to wholesaler and then to retailer. The customer who is at the end of the process has to pay excessively due to this faulty distribution system. The Pushback Problem

Since the price goes on increasing with the urge of the parties involved to earn more profit, it reaches a point where the customer refuses to pay. As the expenses of the various parties involved remains the same, this loss in the volume of sale is pass on to the customer. The decrease in the revenue has to be borne by the few customers who will buy the products. This process goes on and instigates another customer pushback which give rise to another round of price increase. This system of fixing the price is the reason why picture frames are so costly for many customers. While going for picture framing, it's not always about the looks but protection also. A reliable, experienced and professional online frame store should be your next destination. The right framer will guide you what type, design and material in a picture frame will do wonders for your artwork. Select your frames from some of the top online picture framing stores like PaintBoxNolita, Michaels, FrameBridge, etc. Choose the one which gives you the best frame at the most affordable price.

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