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Work your way up the ranks of the Artist Mafia Family. Join today as an entry level Associate of the Family to start earning the exposure and respect your Art deserves. 

Associate: Responsible for Recruitment of other Associates. Organizing online Art Exhibits & Events while building your own exposure in the Family.

Soldier: Earn recuritment money at Soldier Level while overseeing your own team of Art Associates. Using your own networking techniques while learning ours to spread the word of the Artist Mafia Family. 

Capo: Responsible for overseeing a select team of Soldiers on the front lines. Earn money and respect while reporting directly to the underboss of the organization. Unique Artist Profile on ArtistMafia.com with the ability to network via our social platforms and collectors & buyers email blasts. No recruitment at this level while you are busy networking with your own team of soldiers.

Underboss: Info provided at Capo level.