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Janna Doughty

“Art for me is more about feeling than technique; making mistakes is a part of my process and often ends up being perfectly flawed.”  - Janna Doughty, Artist


Jspired Art is the intimate vision and expression of emotions put to canvas by renowned artist Janna Doughty.  Painting is all about mistakes and expressing emotions through color choices and brush strokes, the end result are the mistakes you keep.  Known for her bright colors and varied subjects, Jspired Art embodies pieces inspired by the everyday world.  Describing her art as inspirations she stumbles upon in her day, she creates to inspire others to laugh, to smile to cry…to tell a story words cannot.  


Jspired Art paintings are in both private and public collections around the US most notably around Tampa Bay area. Her works can be seen in Amalie Arena home to the Tampa Bay Lightning.  She’s currently working on a project to inspire others to participate in an “Act of Kindness” by gifting free art she will randomly hide through the Tampa Bay area.  


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