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Adam Neate is a British artist known for playing with perspective in his multi-dimensional collages. Working within a personal contemporary Cubist aesthetic he calls “dimensionalism,” Neate began his career by leaving his artworks on the street, yet now shows the paintings and assemblages in galleries. With notable influences from Francis Bacon and from Pablo Picasso, his practice combines street art techniques and materials with traditional methods of mark-making and construction. Born in 1977 in Colchester, England, Neate studied graphic design while teaching himself how to paint and sculpt. His pieces were left first around the city of Ipswich, then London, where he moved in the late 1990s. Currently living and working in between Brighton, England and Sao Paulo, Brazil, Neate has expressed that “the whole point of being an artist is to be creative and to create, to invent new ways of seeing and showing the world.”

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