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Artist Mafia Art Gallery is an international online art gallery.
We are the home of artists from around the world. As an artist, the biggest challenge is being seen. Our hope is to create a platform for emerging artists to create, motivate, and inspire other artists that share this same passion while building you the exposure you deserve.


Why Artist Mafia?

Whether you’re an artist or collector we work for you. Artist Mafia exhibits receive hundreds of high quality artworks from artists all over the world. We make it easy for collectors to purchase and commission art directly from the artists, and in turn, artists increase their exposure tremendously. You can view an artists email address and links in their portfolio. The acquisition of artwork is solely between the artist and buyer. Cant find the artwork your looking for, no problem! Email us at info@artistmafia.com and we will become your consultant. 


Why buy our artists artwork?

Buying an original piece of artwork in a world full of copies is richly rewarding. Like a fine wine, an original work becomes richer over time as you connect with it more. Original art also has the potential to increase in value. It is almost guaranteed that an unsigned copy will never increase in value.

When you buy original art you are supporting the art community and encouraging a collective creative society that is more about creating than copying. Artists do what they love. When you buy original artwork, you are buying a piece of the artist's soul. 


Why choose Artist Mafia?

We are committed to serving artists by promoting their work through our gallery and providing more exposure to them through our online exhibits, solo exhibits and artist portfolios.We want to help you build exposure and international visibility through our professionals and art collectors. Build your resume as an exhibiting artist in an international art exhibit. Get published recognition in our Artist Mafia newsletter which is distributed online to announce each show and promote exhibiting artists. You will also gain even more exposure with our huge social media following.  We want to work for you! Sign up Today! 

Why sign up for our service?
Simply put, Artist Mafia Art Gallery gives you a risk free quality online platform with a highly professional marketing team.
The gallery is supported by a team with over 10 years in Art, Interior Design, Advertising and Online Marketing experience. Appreciating good art and knowing how to reach the right audience both offline and online is what we do. We work day and night to get more people to view your art!

How do I sell my art with Artist Mafia?
Artists that want to sell their art through Artist Mafia Art Gallery must sign up for our services to have the artwork featured in our store.

What if I was not approved by the gallery?
Firstly, we request that you do not take it personally. This is by no means a reflection on our view of your work; it simply means that we do not believe the artwork you sent in are a good fit for the gallery. We request that artists stay in touch and keep us updated as their artwork evolves.

What artwork does the gallery accept?
We are currently accepting original art, which includes paintings, drawings, photography and limited edition signed prints we even love sculptures.

What does it cost to sell my art with Artist Mafia Art Gallery?
The display and set up of each artists artwork in the gallery is based on your service package. The gallery works purely off your subscription and takes no commission for artwork sold though the gallery.

As an approved artist of Artist Mafia, can I list my artwork on other websites?
Yes. We do not require exclusivity. Although we would love to be the one to sell your art, we also do not believe in placing any restrictions on the artist and would like to see you be successful. We do however request that you notify us immediately when you have sold your artwork elsewhere so that we can update our records. We also ask that you ensure that the price and details of your paintings is consistent across all websites. Inconsistency will not appear professional to your potential buyer.

Can I add a link to other websites on my profile or artwork pages?
Of course we allow any links to any external websites, galleries, personal portfolio websites or social media pages that are owned by you! The more information our collectors get the better!

What if I have an exhibition booking and would like to remove my art for a short period?
It's simple notify us and we will make your work inactive until your show is completed. We support any gallery representation you may have running and would love to be kept updated on your career highlights. Let us know any we can help market your next show!

What if I have other questions?
Please feel free to reach us by email at info@artistmafia.com